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Skitch for Mac gets Evernote integration

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Skitch for Mac just added Evernote integration so when you export an image, you can save it straight to your Evernote account.

skitch evernote
skitch evernote

Skitch for Mac is one of the simplest ways to share screenshots and annotated images with friends and coworkers (Windows users aside), but one feature that the app has been sorely missing is a tool to tie it in with Evernote, Skitch's new parent company. Well, the wait is over: the friendly Evernote elephant now adorns Skitch's top toolbar — and with one click, you can export images to your Evernote account. If you'd like, you can even set up Evernote as your default sharing option for even quicker image sharing.

So what's next for Skitch? "In the near future, we will transition away from sharing in favor of Evernote sharing," Evernote announced. While it's sad to see the Skitch brand trailing off into the sunset, Evernote and Skitch in combination make for a much more powerful note-taking and organizing experience.