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Google Maps traffic conditions now available in Hong Kong, Norway, and New Zealand

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The always-useful traffic conditions feature in Google Maps is now available in three more countries.

Google Maps Oslo
Google Maps Oslo

Aside from getting directions, Google Maps's live traffic feature might be its most useful aspect, and now it's available to even more people. Google has announced that users in Norway, New Zealand, and Hong Kong can now access the traffic layer, giving them an easy to way to check out traffic conditions for major cities and highways. As with other regions — the feature is already available in places like the US, Canada, and over a dozen European countries — the information can be viewed by selecting the traffic option at, and it's included in both the desktop and mobile versions of the site. Just like many Google ventures, the feature relies on crowd-sourced data, so if you're looking for better coverage in your area be sure to enable location services in Google Maps during your daily commute.