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Killed email device Peek resurrected with open source app framework

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A coder has created and released an app framework for the discontinued Peek email device.

Peek app framework
Peek app framework

Amol Sarva, the man behind Peek, recently made waves by giving away his remaining stock of discontinued Peek devices to hackers interested in reusing them for something interesting (the company is still around, but it's focusing on cloud-based software services now — the hardware, and the cellular service that underpins it, is dead). This all happened less than two months ago, but we've already got an open source application framework from a coder by the name of Ryan Krumins available for Peek hackers to take advantage of.

The framework has actually been around for a while, but it's of particular note now that thousands of new (otherwise unusable Peeks) have been shipped out. Krumins notes on his blog that it offers a number of things the Peek's stock operating system does not: instant app resume (even if you restart the unit), over-the-air updates, push support, and a slick home screen for switching between installed apps. Installing the framework still takes a hacker's touch — Krumins is making the source code available — but this could be a viable way to breathe new life into devices that were otherwise destined to become paperweights.

Unfortunately, Sarva says he's now out of Peeks, so you'll need to beg, borrow, or steal one from a hacker friend if you've got an itch to try out the framework for yourself.