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TiVo app gets updated for iPhone and iPad, Android tablet app coming in spring

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A new update has been issued for TiVo's iOS apps, which adds new functionality and an improved layout.

TiVo iPad
TiVo iPad

TiVo has issued an update for its iOS apps, giving you more ways to manage your DVR from an iPhone or iPad. Chief among the changes is an updated layout for when you're browsing content that should make finding what you're looking for a little quicker. There's also a new WishList, where you can add TV shows or movies that aren't currently available to record. Once they are available, they'll start recording automatically. And for those times you're away from your TiVo, there are new features as well, though these depend on what kind of DVR you own. If you have TiVo's Premium DVR, you'll be able to both view and make changes to the My Shows section, the To Do List, and the Season Pass Manager. For those with a Series 3 DVR, you can still make changes to the Season Pass Manager, but you'll only be able to view your To Do List.

There are a handful of smaller changes as well, including high-resolution images for the new iPad's retina display, as well the ability to listen to music in the background while using the app. The update is available now, while Android users will have to be a bit more patient as TiVo expects to add the same functionality to the platform sometime in the summer. The company also revealed that an Android tablet app is bring primed for a spring launch.