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HP folding printer group into PC division: AllThingsD

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AllThingsD reports that HP will merge its printer and PC groups into a single division.

HP laserjet
HP laserjet

AllThingsD is reporting today that HP's Imaging and Printing Group (IPG) will be sucked into the Personal Systems Group (PSG), with current IPG boss VJ Joshi being shown the door in the process. It's a particularly interesting move considering that PSG was nearly spun off last year, and now it seems that it'll be put in charge of the company's cash cow — a printing division long considering to have a stranglehold on both the consumer printing market and broad swaths of the enterprise market. That said, HP's most recent earnings call showed signs of printing weakness with the consumer end of the business being particularly hard hit.

HP declined AllThingsD's request for comment; we'll update the story when we know more.