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Twitter promoted tweets showing up in your mobile timeline now

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Twitter's promoted tweets are now showing up from users you're not following on the company's iOS and Android app. You can dismiss the ads if you want by swiping on the offending tweet.

Twitter mobile promoted tweet android
Twitter mobile promoted tweet android

If you've been checking your Twitter timeline and wondering why you're seeing tweets from companies like American Express and Samsung even though you don't follow them, it's because the company is further rolling out its promoted tweets to mobile users. Twitter introduced promoted tweets on its first-party iOS and Android apps a few weeks ago, but at the time you'd only see the advertisements if you already were following a company that purchased sponsored tweets. Twitter says that it's offering companies new tools to target its users too — they can now have their tweets sponsored just on Android phones, for example, if they so choose. If you can't stand the promoted tweets, you can dismiss them from your feed by swiping on them, and you can avoid them entirely by using a third-party twitter client.