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Good Deal: $10 Amazon gift card for $5 through AmazonLocal

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Daily deals site AmazonLocal is offering a $10 gift card for $5 through the rest of today.

Amazon Gift Card Good Deal
Amazon Gift Card Good Deal

Amazon's Groupon-style daily deals site, AmazonLocal, is offering a $10 gift card for $5 — not a huge amount, but if you were planning to buy something from Amazon, it's basically a discount coupon. To get the deal, you'll need to go to AmazonLocal, select a location if you're not already signed up, and purchase a card by 3am EST on March 21st. The sale is limited to one card per household; the gift card doesn't expire and can be used for (but not AmazonLocal) purchases. We don't know exactly how many cards are being sold, but there's apparently a "limited quantity available," so you'll want to jump on this sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, people outside the US are out of luck: the cards can't be redeemed through,, or other international sites.