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The Verge is now available on Flipboard

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The Verge and Flipboard... together at last

verge for flipboard
verge for flipboard

We're excited to announce that today The Verge joins the growing family of content sources available on Flipboard for iOS. Starting right now, you can add our site's content to your favorites in Flipboard for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. We worked closely with the Flipboard team to deliver a customized, Verge-approved experience that closely matches what we deliver on the web.

Our goal is to get news to our audience in every form that makes sense, and based on the number of requests we've gotten about Flipboard, we think this is a perfect fit. We're going to continue working with Flipboard to improve and expand the experience for users as well. You can grab the app right here, and easily add The Verge as a content search via search.

Let us know what you think in comments below — and feel free to suggest other places you'd like to see The Verge make an appearance. We're all ears!