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Robo-journalists are already writing the next generation of news stories

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Narrative Science's intelligent software turns raw data into news stories for sites like Forbes, reports Slate's Evgeny Morozov.

Robot EIC
Robot EIC

"Within seconds the clever software produces highly readable stories," writes Slate's Evgeny Morozov in a profile of Narrative Science's software, which turns raw data into news stories. Narrative Science has 30 clients, one of which is Forbes, which use its software to pre-write stories about corporate earnings before the earnings calls even take place. Here's an example:


Narrative Science's ominous logo is a quill — the surface of which is textured with the lines of a microprocessor. The quill turns projected profits-per-share numbers into phrases like "Wall Street is optimistic." Morozov admits that robo-journalists might actually be OK in the long run, potentially freeing talented writers to pursue "more interesting analytical projects." Thus, a robot will never "Steal My Pulitzer" as the title of the article implies. For the full story on Narrative Science head over to Slate.