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Nokia Drive, Transport, and Maps updated; feature offline navigation and transit directions

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Owners of Nokia's Lumia line of Windows Phones received a a trio of updates today to Nokia Drive, Nokia Transport, and Nokia Maps. Drive 2.0 now supports offline navigation, Transport offers public transit directions, and Maps now has live traffic data in nearly 20 countries.

Nokia Transport
Nokia Transport

Owners of Nokia's Lumia line of Windows Phones received a a trio of updates today that should all help bring the company's Windows Phone offerings to par with Google's map and navigation services on Android. First up is Nokia Drive, which has been updated to version 2.0 and now supports offline directions. That's right, now there's a menu option that'll let you save all of the map data for your country, and you'll be able to navigate without fear of getting lost when you lose a connection — or get stuck in a foreign country with expensive roaming charges. Additionally, Drive 2.0 now shows speed limit info and has an option to warn you when you've got a bit of a lead foot.

The company has also released Nokia Transport today, an app that that'll offer public transportation directions in 510 cities across 46 countries. It's a pedestrian oriented app — it'll give you walking directions to and from public transportation, and it has schedules and stops for every route. We spent some time with the app when it was announced at MWC 2012 earlier this month, and it is nearly identical to its Symbian variant. Lastly, Nokia Maps has been updated with live traffic information in nearly twenty countries as well as the ability to create a list of your favorite locations. The apps are available now as part of the Nokia Collection, so you'll have to be using a Lumia device if you want in.