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Dell XPS 13 touchpad driver update download available now, along with quieter A03 BIOS

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Dell's updated the BIOS and touchpad drivers for its XPS 13 ultrabook, which makes the laptop quieter and greatly improves cursor responsiveness.

Dell XPS 13 touchpad driver update stock 1024
Dell XPS 13 touchpad driver update stock 1024

We told you they were coming, and now they're here: Dell's XPS 13 ultrabook received a new set of drivers today that improve the performance of the touchpad. While we'd argue that the single-button Cypress digitizer still isn't perfect — tap-to-click still has a noticeable delay — two-finger scrolling is now smooth and responsive and palm rejection is greatly improved. We weren't able to make the cursor jump a line when typing, although it did move a teensy bit. As we reported last week, the new driver does have its quirks, such as making the touchpad take a moment to respond to input when it's not in use for a while, and for some reason pinch-to-zoom and two-finger rotation gestures are both disabled by default. You can turn both back on in the driver settings, though.

Dell also released a new BIOS for the XPS 13 this week, version A03, whose only addition is to make the system fan run quieter more often. As far as we can tell, it works, as a 1080p YouTube trailer played without any noticeable fan noise, although Dell's ultrabook was already on the quiet side. Find both software updates at our source links below.

Though the BIOS update doesn't affect our overall impression of the XPS 13, the new touchpad drivers definitely do.

Thanks, @volvoshine!