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Sony A57 out April 13th in Japan, "around" April 20th in the US for $799.99 with kit lens

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Sony has announced pricing and availability details for its A57 SLT camera. It'll ship on April 20th in the US for $799.99 with an 18-55mm kit lens.

Gallery Photo: Sony A57
Gallery Photo: Sony A57

Sony's latest SLT camera, the A57, was announced last week with a release window of April, but we've just received words of more accurate dates. The camera will launch in Japan on April 13th for the ever-present "open price," interpreted by both Bic Camera and Yodobashi Camera as ¥84,800 (around $1,014) for the 18-55mm lens kit and ¥79,800 ($954) for the body. As for the US, the Sony store lists the camera as shipping "on or around" April 20th for $699.99 body-only and $799.99 with the kit lens. We've reached out to Sony to see if they can provide us with more precise shipping information.

One point of interest is that Japanese retailers are actually pricing the A57 slightly higher than last year's A65, which is a better-specced camera in much the same body — in the US, however, the camera is clearly being positioned as Sony's new entry-level SLT.