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Phase One reduces price of Capture One photo software, extends demo period to 60 days

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Phase One has slashed the pricing on its Capture One post processing photo apps while simultaneously extending the trial period for the software to 60 days.

phase one capture one screenshot
phase one capture one screenshot

Phase One has made two changes to its Capture One photography post-processing software that are likely to be appreciated by the company's professional audience. First, the asking price of both the Pro and Express versions of the app have been significantly reduced. The former, compatible with most DSLRs and medium format camera hardware, is now $299 — a $100 discount when compared to its original cost. Capture One's $99 Express variant (down from $129) features the same underpinnings of the pricier offering but sacrifices some extra niceties including tethered capture and an iOS companion app. You can find a list of all differences between the Pro and Express versions right here.

Need further help picking between the two apps? That's where Phase One's other announcement factors in: the trial period for Capture One has now been doubled from 30 days to 60. Such a lengthy demo could aid in the decision to either buy into the company's "renowned" RAW rendering engine or stick with more familiar tools. When those favorites include Aperture and Lightroom, Capture One might need more than a price cut and a longer demo to make a dent in the market.