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Windows Phone launches in China, HTC Eternity on sale today

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Microsoft announces the launch of Windows Phone in China, promising new handsets from Nokia and other handset makers soon.

Windows Phone China
Windows Phone China

Microsoft is launching its Windows Phone operating system in China today with the release of the HTC Eternity. Known elsewhere as the HTC Titan, the Eternity will come loaded with specific Chinese apps, a Chinese-language interface for Windows Phone, and unlocked as an "open market" device.

We are now expecting Nokia to announce its own Windows Phones in China later this month. The company has a Lumia launch event scheduled in China on March 28th, where it is rumored to be introducing up to three devices. Nokia "helped elevate the priority" of bringing Windows Phone devices to China, according to Microsoft's Greg Sullivan. In an interview with us at Mobile World Congress, Sullivan explained that Nokia's first low-specification Windows Phone, the Lumia 610, is part of a broader effort to offer low-cost handsets for markets like China. Nokia is also expected to launch a Chinese variant of its flagship Lumia 800 device (alongside the 610) at the end of the month, and a mystery Lumia 719 device.