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ZTE Mimosa Windows Phone rumored for May release

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ZTE Mimosa Windows Phone Tango device expected to be launched in China during May.

HTC Titan stock_1020
HTC Titan stock_1020

ZTE may have announced a Mimosa X Android 4.0 handset at Mobile World Congress, but the company is reportedly preparing to release a Mimosa Windows Phone too. Chinese site WPDang says the ZTE Mimosa will be part of Microsoft's range of Windows Phone Tango handsets, meaning it won't feature a dual-core CPU like its Android counterpart.

Rumored for release at the end of May, the Mimosa will allegedly include an 800MHz Qualcomm processor and 256MB of memory. There are no additional details on ZTE's unannounced handset, but the company previously revealed its Orbit Windows Phone last month. Both the Orbit and Mimosa are thought to be focussed on the Chinese market, where Microsoft launched Windows Phone today. Low-cost Windows Phone Tango devices, with just 256MB of RAM, are part of an effort by Microsoft, Nokia, and others to target emerging markets and increase Windows Phone market share — something that appears to be increasing in some countries.