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Siri gets expanded Yelp integration in iOS 5.1 update

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Apple gave Siri better Yelp integration inside iOS 5.1, letting you now pop directly into the Yelp app from within Siri.

siri yelp iphone
siri yelp iphone

Among other minor updates inside iOS 5.1, one feature that has until now gone unnoticed is better Yelp integration inside Siri. Now, when you ask Siri to find some pizza restaurants, you can tap the star rating next to each restaurant to see it inside the Yelp app for iPhone. If you haven't downloaded the Yelp app, it will appear on your screen inside the App Store — and this is what's most interesting here. Apple chose Yelp as its restaurant ratings partner, and could easily choose other kinds of partners to deliver things like movie showtimes and restaurant reservations (via apps like Flixster or OpenTable). Another current third party integration, WolframAlpha, has been very popular — while querying Siri cannot yet take you directly into WolframAlpha for iOS. This update is a strong indication that Apple is considering better third party app integration inside Siri, because after all, Siri is still in beta.