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'Selfsurfing' Chrome extension clones artist Jonas Lund's browser on your computer

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Artist Jonas Lund has created a Chrome extension that clones and auto-updates his browser on your computer, letting you watch him surf. He will be using Chrome continuously for the next full day.


Part of the appeal of the internet is the opportunity it allows for instant, round-the-clock connection, and now artist Jonas Lund is letting us watch him browse the web in real time. But unlike the life logging of camgirls or other internet exhibitionists, this isn't a video feed: Selfsurfing is a Chrome extension that clones Lund's browser and auto-updates your tabs with what he's looking at at a given moment. Every time he does something in the browser, a change is made to a simple MySQL database that syncs with the extension.

To kick off the project, Lund will be surfing the internet for 24 hours straight, using Chrome as his only browser. He started today at noon ET, and his current tabs include a Google search for "go outside" and an article on "How to write a thank you speech." We won't be seeing personal information in his browser — if he goes to Facebook, for example, we'll be asked to log into our own Facebook page. The project builds on a previous work that sent every URL Lund visited to a public website. For Selfsurfing, Lund said he wanted to "focus more on the whole experience of surfing."

If you're interested in watching, Lund says the most interesting hours will probably be "towards the end when I’ve gone through all my typical resources and I'm faced with a nice fatigue combined with the open endlessness of the web without any specific direction." You can pick up the extension on Lund's site below, or have a look at the source code here. Just keep in mind that although we doubt there's any danger, installing extensions usually carries some risk.