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DirecTV iPad app update lets you watch on-demand TV from anywhere

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An update to DirecTV's iPad app lets you watch on-demand video content from your tablet even if you aren't connected to your home Wi-Fi network.

DirecTV iPad
DirecTV iPad

DirecTV has updated its iPad app so that you can watch select on-demand content from your tablet no matter where you are. Originally the app needed to be connected to a home Wi-Fi network to access content, but with version 1.5 that's no longer the case. DirecTV says that the app can now be used "anywhere," though this only applies to certain shows and movies, which you can access from the new "Watch on iPad" tab. But for live streaming TV, you'll still need to be connected to your home Wi-Fi network. The update also brings a few more minor changes, including the ability to resume shows you recently watched on your iPad and a new social module that lets you see what's popular with other users. And if you happen to use the social TV service Miso, you can now check-in and let people know what you're watching without leaving the DirecTV app.

Update: We'd originally reported that the new app allowed for live TV streaming from anywhere, but that turns out not to be the case — DirecTV later updated the app's description to say that it still only works on Wi-Fi. Some On Demand content, though, can now be viewed over 3G. Thanks, Andrew Rahimi!