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Latest Windows 8 builds feature 25 Start Screen color options

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The latest internal builds of Windows 8 include some additional color options for the Metro Start Screen interface.

Windows 8 leak colors start screen
Windows 8 leak colors start screen

It is nearly a month since Microsoft shipped its Windows 8 Consumer Preview build to the masses at Mobile World Congress, and the company now appears to be tweaking its Metro Start Screen interface somewhat. The latest internal builds of WIndows 8 include 25 color options for user personalization of the Start Screen during setup or in the new Control Panel interface, compared to just nine in the Consumer Preview. Chinese site Win8China posted several screenshots today demonstrating the new colors and we can confirm the authenticity of the images.

With a million downloads under its belt on Consumer Preview day one, Microsoft is now pushing ahead towards its Release Candidate milestone. The software giant appears to be readying a final release of Windows 8 for the October time frame, according to recent reports — with Windows ARM and Intel tablets ready for the holiday season. We can't be certain of an October release, but the latest leak does prove that Microsoft is nowhere near done tweaking its user interface for Windows 8 — so expect further visual changes once the Release Candidate is available.