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Facebook now suggests turning friends you don't talk to into 'acquaintances'

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Facebook today announced Acquaintance suggestions, which asks if you want to hear less from people you don't interact with much on the social network.

facebook acquaintance list
facebook acquaintance list

Too busy to make Facebook lists filled with the people you care about the most? Facebook hears you, and is today launching a tool to de-clutter your News Feed and scrub posts from people you don't care much about. The "Acquaintance List" suggestion box points out people you might want to hear less from. Facebook bases these suggestions on how frequently you interact with and (we assume) click on these people. By adding friends to the Acquaintances list, you'll in effect see fewer posts from them in your News Feed. To find the new suggestion box or to manually add friends to the list, visit your Friends page, click Acquaintances, and find "See All Suggestions" on the right hand side. If you want to take things a step further, you can visit a person's Facebook page and simply unsubscribe from all updates they post to the social network.

As users accumulate more friends on Facebook, it finds itself having to help them deal with News Feed overflow and social clutter. The Acquaintance list paired with drop down menus next to posts in the News Feed should help users sort through the muck and curate a much more personalized experienced on the social network.