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Comcast Xfinity TV for Android app updated with ICS support, still lacks streaming

Comcast has updated its Xfinity app for Android to support devices running the latest version (4.0) of Google's OS.

Comcast Xfinity TV ICS
Comcast Xfinity TV ICS

Comcast has updated its Xfinity TV app for Android to include support for devices running version 4.0 of the OS. That means Ice Cream Sandwich users can now utilize the app to browse listings, set DVR recordings, and surf channels on any TV with a compatible set-top box. The update also includes the usual collection of unspecified bug fixes and optimizations.

Unfortunately, on-device streaming is a wish that hasn't yet been granted for the Android conglomerate — despite the fact that Comcast enabled said functionality for the iOS app months ago. Reviewers at Google Play certainly aren't pleased with the continued omission. Nevertheless, it's much easier to find your phone or tablet compared to a remote buried in the cushions somewhere. That could be reason enough to give Xfinity TV for Android a try.