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Chrome beats Internet Explorer for a day, usage peaks on weekends

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StatCounter data reveals that Chrome usage peaks on weekends at the expense of Internet Explorer, a phenomenon that resulted in Google's browser taking the number one spot for the first time this past Sunday.

statcounter stats
statcounter stats

It won't surprise anyone to learn that Internet Explorer still accounts for more page views than any other browser — Microsoft's penetration into the workplaces of the world is a pretty difficult mountain to move. However, what happens at weekends, when people are free from office software and have their own choice of browser? It turns out that Chrome is the major beneficiary here, almost completely at Internet Explorer's expense. Data from StatCounter reveals that Explorer share plummets when the working week is over, and this combined with a general trend upwards for Chrome resulted in the data firm crowning Google's browser number one in the world for the first time ever this past Sunday. Of course, normality was restored when the world went back to work the next day, but long-term it certainly looks like the writing is on the wall for Internet Explorer.