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Panasonic Eluga available in Japan on March 29th, Europe in April

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Panasonic's P-04D handset, also known as the Eluga, is being released on NTT Docomo in Japan on March 29th.


Panasonic's 4.3-inch water- and dust-resistant P-04D Android handset — also known as the Eluga — is coming to NTT Docomo on March 29th. The device is an experiment from Panasonic to see if it can appeal to international customers with a good-looking, stripped-down experience free from the bells and whistles typically found on phones for the Japanese market — say, like the Disney branding on a nearly identical handset.

While the European and Japanese versions of the phone are both launching with Gingerbread, Panasonic is claiming an update to Android 4.0 will be available by summer. The Eluga was originally expected to land in Europe in March, but Panasonic's European site now says that the svelte 7.8-millimeter, 103-gram (3.63-ounce) device won't be making it until April. Still, judging from next week's Japanese release, we're expecting it to be sooner rather than later.