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'Dragon's Lair' for XBLA adds Kinect for realistic princess saving

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The 1983 Laserdisc classic Dragon's Lair is coming to XBLA on Microsoft's Xbox 360. This version of the game will feature optional motion controls via Kinect.

dragon's lair
dragon's lair

Microsoft is announcing that the Laserdisc classic Dragon's Lair from Digital Leisure is coming to XBLA in all of its quicktime event-memorizing, hand-drawn animated splendor. What's more, the game will feature optional Kinect controls (it's looking to be the first XBLA game to feature both conventional and motion controls), allowing you to move Dirk around by jumping and swinging your limbs wildly as you struggle to remember what you're supposed to do to avoid dying. While the game has been released on scores of platforms over the years (66 if you're counting), the addition of motion controls looks to add a lot of fun to the time-honored title. Neither Microsoft nor Digital Leisure has mentioned a date, but we'll let you know as soon as we hear anything.