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Google Docs spell checker now features adaptive 'Did you mean...' suggestions

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Google has enhanced the spellcheck function in Google Docs to adapt with the web, getting more accurate the more users type. The spell checker also makes contextual suggestions.

exhibit xzibit
exhibit xzibit

We're regularly impressed by the accuracy of Google's "Did you mean..." functionality, so it's good news that the company has decided to integrate it into Google Docs' spell checker. It'll now give you suggestions based on context — examples given are the ability to correctly interpret "Icland is an icland" as "Iceland is an island," and correcting sentences like "Let's meat for coffee." It also checks words against content from the web, finally saving you from having to enter terms like "Skrillex" into traditional spell checkers. We tested these features out and found them to work relatively reliably, though not always consistently — typing in "your a idiot," for example, caught the first grammar mistake but not the second. Still, it's good to see innovation in a space like this, and Google plans to bring it to more languages before long.