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Pinterest hires Tim Kendall, builder of Facebook's monetization strategy

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Pinterest has hired Tim Kendall, once Facebook's Director of Monetization, to help get the site's business side off the ground.

tim kendall facebook pinterest
tim kendall facebook pinterest

In an exclusive interview with Pinterest CEO Ben Silberman, Fortune revealed that the company recently hired Facebook's ex-Director of Monetization Tim Kendall. Kendall "architected all of [Facebook's] early monetization strategies," TechCrunch reported when he left the company after four years in December 2010. Kendall is an obvious choice (assuming he could be convinced to head back into startup land) to help turn Pinterest into a long-term money-making machine like Facebook has become.

In 2011 alone, Facebook's advertising revenue was $3.2 billion, which is 85 percent of its total revenue. The company essentially wrote the rulebook on advertising inside social networks, and is a great role model for fledgling Pinterest, which has about 17.8 million users. Does this mean at some point in the near future we'll see advertisements peppering our Pinterest pinboards? Perhaps — unless Kendall can think up something better.