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Samsung's flexible electrowetting displays could be out in 2013

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Flexible, colorful, and energy efficient electrowetting displays could make their way into Samsung mobile devices by next year.

Liquavista electrowetting display mockup
Liquavista electrowetting display mockup

Combining the best aspects of E Ink and LCD, while still being flexible, Liquavista's electrowetting display (EWD) technology has been eagerly awaited for some time, especially since Samsung acquired the company last year. And while we had hopes that it might make it into commercial products soon, it looks like we might have to wait until 2013 — at least according to The site reports that Johan Feenstra, Liquavista founder and CEO of Samsung's Netherlands-based LCD R&D centre, stated that the tech could be used in tablets and e-readers starting next year.

EWD technology has become particularly anticipated due to the claims of its creators — it supposedly offers a bright, colourful, and flexible display that can be read indoors and out, all while consuming less power and offering a higher refresh rate than anything currently on the market. Liquavista also claims that the manufacturing process is more than 90 percent compatible with what's already being used for LCDs, which should make it relatively easy to implement once the commercial rollout finally begins.