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Samsung 'GT-i9300' leaked photo could be Galaxy S III

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A leaked image of a Samsung 'GT-i9300' could possibly be the long-rumored Galaxy S III or another Samsung phone.

Samsung GT-i9300
Samsung GT-i9300

We've had no shortage of things that claim to be the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III, but this is the first time we've seen something that looks like an actual phone rather than a render. Phone Arena has received a picture that's supposedly a Samsung GT-i9300, a name that's been sporadically associated with the Galaxy S III. This image shows a device with design language similar to the Galaxy Wi-Fi 4.2, with a thin, squared-off strip around the edges of the phone. Unlike the previous renders we've seen, this phone is buttonless, and the Samsung logo has been moved to the bottom bezel. If real, the phone includes an app drawer with apps and widgets together, making this the first design we've seen with a skin that actually looks like Ice Cream Sandwich; the skin also seems more likely than the one we previously found on this Note render.

Since the Galaxy S II is the GT-i9100 and one flavor of the Galaxy Nexus is the GT-i9250, it would make sense for a GT-i9300 to be the updated version of the Galaxy S II. However, we've also seen the name associated with a low-resolution screen that seems doubtful to be on Samsung's flagship phone, so if this is real, it's also possible that it's another, unannounced device. Previous rumors suggest that the company may be unveiling the Galaxy S III at an event in late May or even April.