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Leica M9-P coming in white for $31,695, only 50 to be released

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A limited edition white version of the Leica M9-P is being released in Japan, with a staggering $31.695 price tag.

Leica M9-P white
Leica M9-P white

If the $7,995 price tag of the Leica M9-P wasn't expensive enough for you, there's now a white variant that will cost a whopping $31,695 — but good luck finding one. Even if you're one of the lucky few able to afford one, only 50 will actually be released into the wild, making the white M9-P the white whale of the camera world. Aside from the limited color scheme and inflated price, the camera itself looks to be largely the same as the standard M9-P. This means that it will feature the same minimalist design as its more common black counterpart that notably omits Leica's iconic red dot. The white version will reportedly be released in July, though it looks like it's already on display at Leica retail stores in Tokyo — so you might be able to catch a glimpse before they're all gone.