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MotoACTV Golf Edition tracks distance to the green and physical activity on 20,000 courses

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Motorola has just announced the MotoACTV Golf Edition, which costs $299.99. The new edition offers yardage readings to the green and will track your activity on 20,000 golf courses. It is available for pre-order now.

MotoACTV Golf Edition hi-res
MotoACTV Golf Edition hi-res

The golfers among you may have noticed that the MotoACTV activity tracking watch doesn't have a golf mode — even after an update earlier this month that added support for 40 new sports and exercises. Now we know why Motorola has been holding back — the company has just announced the MotoACTV Golf Edition, which comes in at $299.99. The Android-powered watch will track your activity and location on up to 20,000 golf courses with distance readings to hazards as well as the back, center, and front of the green.

Motorola says that the Golf Edition has a "virtual caddy" that will keep your scorecard, track your clubs, record "key statistics," and mark down how many greens you hit in regulation. It's not clear how much of this tracking is automated, but it might be frustrating to tell your watch each time you switch from a five iron to your pitching wedge. You'll also be able to analyze your game after the match by syncing the watch with your computer to view each shot that you took to complete the course. Of course, it'll record all of your physical activity too, including how many steps you took. Unfortunately, while all of the changes appear to be software based, for now you'll need to buy new hardware to get the golf features. It's not clear yet if the Golf Edition will come with 8GB or 16GB of storage, but it costs just as much as the 16GB version of the original MotoACTV. If you're interested, the $299.99 device is available for pre-order now from Amazon or directly from Motorola, and will ship on April 1st.