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Google Earth brings custom map viewing to iOS

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The iOS version of google Earth has been updated, and users can now view custom maps from their mobile device.

Google Earth 6.2 iPhone
Google Earth 6.2 iPhone

As promised, the iOS version of Google Earth has been updated and now supports custom map viewing. Just like with the recently released Android update, you'll now be able to open KML files in the app, you'll now be able to open KML files in the app, which means you can check out any of the custom overlays that people have put together — from real-time disaster information to where all of the March Madness arenas are located. To go along with this, the app lets you browse the Google Earth Gallery, a curated selection of some of the more popular custom maps and overlays. The update also includes a number of usability fixes and performance improvements, and is available for free right now.