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UPDATE: The Vergecast, live tonight at 7:00PM EST / 11:00PM GMT

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The Vergecast starts at 7PM ET, where Josh, Nilay, and Paul talk about the week in tech news.

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It has again come to this. Thursday. The day where hearts are won and lost. The day where two members from each district are forced to battle to the death. The day of the Vergecast. As decreed by The Capitol we are broadcasting live, tonight, at 7pm EST. As is customary the embed is waiting for you below. The world will be watching.

If you'd like to play along at home, there are two amazing fan-made bingo games: Verge Bingo and The Verge Bingo. May the odds be ever in your favor.

UPDATE: Sorry guys, we initially scheduled this for 6:30PM eastern but we had to push it back by half an hour. Thank you for bearing with us.

Watch live streaming video from thevergecast at