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Facebook clarifying its privacy policies tomorrow, users have until today to comment

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Facebook is updating its Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, and has made the proposed changes viewable to users before they go into effect tomorrow, March 23rd.

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Facebook is no stranger to harsh critiques of its privacy policies, and the company is now preparing to institute a range of changes to its Statement of Rights and Responsibilities in an effort to make its "practices and policies more clear." To begin with, references to the company's Privacy Policy are being replaced with "Data Use Policy," echoing a formal name change that went into effect last September. Other changes include clearer descriptions of some behaviors users may not be so pleased with, such as how your information is shared with Facebook apps: if one of your friends installs an app, that app will be able to access any information you're sharing with said friend, whether you've approved it directly or not. On the plus side, Facebook has also specified that any services wanting to collect Facebook data must specifically ask the company first.

The company has provided a redlined document highlighting all of the changes, and will be soliciting comments from users up until 5pm PDT today — a condition of its settlement with the Federal Trade Commission last November. If you'd like to voice any concerns, you can do so at Facebook's Site Governance page. The changes will otherwise automatically go into effect tomorrow.