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AT&T: HTC Vivid update to Android 4.0 now being pushed, ten other devices in 'coming months'

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HTC Vivid Android 4.0 update hands-on
HTC Vivid Android 4.0 update hands-on

AT&T has announced official availability of an update to Android 4.0 for its HTC Vivid today, the first such ICS update available on any phone sold in the US. Though you could manually perform the update last week — which we did — the new software is just now being actively pushed out to subscribers. The carrier notes that this upgrade will get you first- and third-party app support for Beats Audio, an improved email experience, face unlock, and Bluetooth mouse and keyboard compatibility, among other typical ICS features.

Alongside the Vivid roll-out, AT&T mentions that it's got another ten devices waiting in the wings for Android 4.0 upgrades which will be made available "in the coming months":

No big surprises in there — and hopefully this'll all happen on the sooner end of the "coming months" scale — but it's good to see that these carriers are aware that customers want to be kept in the loop on the Android update strategy.