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RIM to expand device management support for iPhone with custom iOS App

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RIM will expand support for competing devices, it has put up a job posting for iOS developers and is intending to build an app for iOS devices that will help iPhones be more easily managed by the BlackBerry Mobile Fusion product.

BlackBerry logo CES stock (1020)
BlackBerry logo CES stock (1020)

RIM's BlackBerry Mobile Fusion product, if you're not familiar, is a way for corporate customers to manage multiple types of devices beyond just BlackBerrys. BMF supports iOS and Android and, critically for RIM, has been the only feasible way to manage even its own tablet, the PlayBoook. It looks as though RIM is serious about making it the center of its device management solutions even as it is forced to cede corporate ground to smartphone competitors.

Serious enough, in fact, to expand support for those competing devices. All Things D noted that RIM had a job posting for iOS developers and the company responded with a clarification that, yes, it is intending to build an app for iOS devices that will help iPhones be more easily managed by BMF, saying that "In order for BlackBerry Mobile Fusion to perform advanced management functions for iOS devices, RIM will develop an on device client to be included as part of the overall solution."

This isn't the first time that RIM has dipped its toes in developing software on competing platforms. Back when Windows Mobile looked like it had a chance to be relevant in the corporate space (don't laugh), RIM created something called "BlackBerry Application Suite" that was a virtual BlackBerry on top of Windows Mobile. It was never fully released to customers, however, and the project was dropped. This software for iOS will be far less ambitious, likely just offering as much integration into setting up iOS as Apple's sandboxing will allow. Sorry, BBM fans, this doesn't look like the cross-platform messaging dream you've been waiting for.