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Asus pushing to be the top non-Apple tablet maker

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Asus vice president Xu Youjia said in an interview that Asus' goal is to become the leading non-Apple tablet maker.

transformer prime
transformer prime

Asus already has a strong grip on the tablet market, but now the company says it won't settle for anything less than second-best. Today, global vice president Xu Youjia told the China Times that his company would be looking to take the lead in tablets besides the iPad, citing its popular Transformer line as an example of its innovation. "Asus will not make 'me-too' products," Xu said. "In the tablet field, the goal is to rise to the top of the non-Apple group."

To some extent, Asus is in a good place to accomplish this goal. The Transformer Prime probably qualifies as the second-best tablet on the market, and Asus has been quick about getting Ice Cream Sandwich updates to its users. Beyond that, the company may be trying to carve out a spot based on its allegedly "very close" relationship with Google. It's been rumored that Asus will be building a Nexus Android tablet; if true, it would be a major boon to the company. Asus is making bold claims, but it may actually be in a position to back them up in the coming months.