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Amazon updates Android and iOS Kindle apps to support multimedia features

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Amazon has updated their Kindle App for iOS and Android to support audio and video in books via its Kindle Format 8. The HTML5-based format was previously only in use on the Kindle Fire.

amazon kindle app 3.0.1
amazon kindle app 3.0.1

After getting a Retina Display overhaul to accommodate the new iPad just last week, Amazon has released another update for its Kindle app, but this time around Android is getting some attention along with iOS. The biggest new addition is support for audio and video features in certain ebooks via the Kindle Format 8. The HTML5-based format was previously only is use on the Kindle Fire, which made multimedia features embedded in publications exclusive to Amazon's own tablet.

Along with some bug fixes for both versions, the Android app also received the Send-to-Kindle feature, which allows users to send documents to a unique email address and have them synced to their Kindle account. Not a huge update, but now that Format 8 books are available on a lot more devices, we wouldn't be surprised if Amazon tries to woo publishers to its own proprietary format in order to take on Apple's iBooks Author.