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BBM Music beta adds favorites, better shuffling, and an imaginary friend

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RIM has released a beta version of its BBM Music app, adding improved shuffle functions, and allowing BBM Music users to favorite songs and contacts.

bbm music 640
bbm music 640

A beta release for the BBM Music app on BlackBerry adds some welcome new features to RIM's peculiar music service. With version, users are able to favorite songs and contacts, which not only adds quick access to your picks, but also shows them to your friends under Recent Updates. Since BBM Music allows you to listen to your friends' songs as well as your own, it's nice that you're able to check what those friends consider to be their best stuff. Also, when you get an invitation from a friend of a friend through Recent Updates, you'll now be able to see the prospective friend's songs before you accept or decline.

The update also adds Intelligent Shuffle, a feature that allows you to shuffle songs based on criteria such as favorites, genre, album, or recently added. Finally, friendless BBM Music users out there no longer have to feel so alone, as the beta adds a default friend to your contacts. To check out a full list of new features or download the beta for yourself, visit the BlackBerry Beta Zone.