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Nokia Play To beta brings DLNA streaming to Lumia Windows Phones, Music updated to 2.0

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Nokia is continuing to update its Lumia Windows Phone apps, releasing a DLNA streaming application called Play To and updating Music to version 2.0.

Nokia Play To Windows Phone app screenshot
Nokia Play To Windows Phone app screenshot

Hot off releasing a new Windows Phone photo effects app dubbed Creative Studio, Nokia is at it again, releasing both an updated version of its Music app as well as a DLNA streaming app simply entitled Play To. The latter lets Lumia users stream photo and video content to different DLNA-compatible devices. It's currently in beta form only, with several known issues, but Nokia is soliciting user feedback to help improve further iterations. Support for streaming music will be added at a later date. The updated Music 2.0 app is simply a minor update, with no apparent standout features to speak of. If you're a Lumia user that would like to try out Nokia's latest, Play To is available at the company's Nokia Beta Labs site, while the Music update can be found in the Windows Marketplace.