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Comparison shots confirm it: Toshiba's 13.3-inch AT330 tablet is really, really big

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Greek tech site Techblog has posted some comparison shots of Toshiba's 13.3-inch AT330 tablet next to the company's smaller 7.7- and 10.1-inch devices.

toshiba at330 techblog
toshiba at330 techblog

Admittedly, we were caught a little off guard by the images of Toshiba's huge AT330 tablet yesterday. We knew the screen was enormous, but had a hard time picturing how a 13.3-inch tablet might feel in hand compared to a more conventional 7.7- or 10.1-inch device. Luckily, the enterprising folks at the Greek tech site Techblog managed to grab some comparison shots of the new slate stacked up with what look to be Toshiba's Excite 10 LE and AT270, and they confirm our initial suspicions — the thing is immense. Our conclusion? While we're not ready to trade our big screens in for the AT330, even with its retractable antenna and TV tuner, it would definitely do in a pinch.

Check here to see how the AT330 stacks up against the Excite 10 LE and AT270 spec-wise.