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Sony Music Unlimited app for iOS coming in 'next few weeks'

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Sony Entertainment Network COO Shawn Layden has announced that a Sony Music Unlimited streaming app for iOS will be released in the 'next few weeks.'

Music Unlimited for iOS stock press 1024
Music Unlimited for iOS stock press 1024

Sony Music Unlimited is available for everything from Android phones to Walkman PMPs, and now the iOS app that was announced in January isn't far away. At the IP&TV World Forum, Sony Entertainment Network COO Shawn Layden confirmed that an app for the subscription-based streaming library would be coming soon. "We will be launching our music service on iOS in the next few weeks," Layden said. We've previously been told that the iOS app will come with the same features as Android's version, including offline caching for premium subscribers.

However, Sony wants to lay to rest any fears that it will be cutting Apple out of its music distribution network once the app launches. "Sony music is still going to be part of iTunes — there is no change in that... We have video and music service but we also provide a base for Netflix and BBC iPlayer," Layden said in response to a question. "We accept that people want what they want, and we are in a position to offer this."