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Flickr's new 'justified' view spreads to Favorites page

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The redesigned "justified" viewing option introduced by Flickr last month has proven popular enough that it's spreading to other sections of the site.

Flickr Justified view My Favorites
Flickr Justified view My Favorites

Last month Flickr introduced a slick new "justified" viewing option for browsing photos from your contacts, and the change has proven popular enough that it's spreading. The Favorites section of the photostream now has the justified viewing option as well, which reduces much of the white space on screen and keeps photos in their original aspect ratio. Flickr says that the feedback to last month's change has been "overwhelmingly positive," so you'll likely see the viewing option hit other pages in the near future as well. Meanwhile, the justified option for the Favorites page will be rolling out gradually to users, though Flickr says that the process should be "very fast."