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The Vergecast 023: Controversy over Foxconn controversy

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Michael Jordan's Vergecast - Number Twenty-Three. 23.


Two score and fifteen years ago, long before they were Vergecasters, the Vergecasters were taking a lunch meeting during nursery school in the coolest, most blinged-out crib in the whole nursery school. In between bouts of teething on his My First Sony, Paul struck up a conversation about how much he had enjoyed that Sunday's edition of Car Talk. "I just learned so much from Click And Clack, the Tappet Brothers, about why my Cozy Coupe II gives me trouble when I'm trying to engage the parking break on an incline. And the callers! Such a diverse, spirited crowd — brought together by their love of the road!" "Hear hear," cooed Lil' Nilay, "it would be so sick if one day us three best baby friends had a television or other sort of broadcast platform from which we could discuss our favorite topics with a dignified and knowledgeable audience." Josh took a moment to drop his sippy cup full of Diet Coke and give the other two an omniscient high-five: it's the Vergecast.