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Daniel Ballou's designs can spruce up your office with tiny hydro towers and shipping containers

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Designer Daniel Ballou has shrunk down hydro towers and shipping containers to make them useful around the office.

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Daniel Ballou hydro tower
Daniel Ballou hydro tower

Long Beach, California-based designer Daniel Ballou has taken some of the more ubiquitous objects from his environment and given them a new life — as office supplies. For example, he made miniature versions of hydro towers from bent chrome wire to help manage the cables on his desk, while tiny ceramic shipping containers were created for storage around the house. Unfortunately, only one of these projects (the shipping containers) is available for purchase right now, with the hydro towers currently described as a prototype. Ballou's design studio Dashdot is know for a number of other creations as well, including business cards printed on coins and a multi-sensor garbage can that knows just when to open up based on your actions.