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iSee exhibit displays Hipstamatic photos from 20 photojournalists

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A new exhibit in Boston looks at a series of photos taking by notable photojournalists using only their smartphone and Hipstamatic.

iSee Hipstamatic
iSee Hipstamatic

What happens when some of the world's preeminent photographers put down their DSLRs and pick up a smartphone? You get iSee: The eyes of VII in the hands of Hipstamatic, a new exhibit from the Griffin Museum of Photography in Boston. iSee features a number of photos taken by members of the VII agency — a collective of 20 renowned photojournalists founded in 2001 — using a smartphone. The images were then run through Hipstamatic's faux aged filters, and many were actually taken while the journalists were on location in places ranging from Afghanistan to the Ukraine. Underway since March 15th, the show will run until May 5th, with a special presentation by VII's New York head Stephen Mayes on April 26th.