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Army Software Marketplace offers shortcuts to approved iOS apps

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The US Army has launched a prototype of it's Army Software Marketplace: a mobile website that curates approved applications available in the iOS App Store. There are plans to eventually offer Android apps and web apps through the service.

army software marketplace
army software marketplace

The US Army might be in the process of building its own tightly controlled smartphone (along with other government agencies), but it's also taking a more straightforward approach when it comes to delivering training materials to soldiers' devices. The recently launched Army Software Marketplace is a mobile website that curates training apps developed by the Army's Connecting Soldiers to Digital Apps (CSDA) program. But rather than distribute the apps, as the name might imply, it simply offers links to download the apps in the iOS App Store. This means that everything in the Army Software Marketplace is readily available to the public; the website just makes it easier to find them.

There are currently twelve apps available in the iOS-only marketplace, which include the Soldiers Blue Book (the initial training guide for all members of the Army), a benefits guide, and a social media handbook, among others. The Army plans to add more apps in the future, as well as offer Android apps — which we can only assume will be links to Google Play — and web apps. It also wants to accept submissions for third-party apps to be listed in the market. You don't have to be in the army to check out the apps, just point your iPhone to