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Instagram for Android sign-up page now live

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Instagram has posted a sign-up page for the forthcoming Android version of its popular photo-sharing app, which company co-founder Kevin Systrom has called "better than our iPhone app."

Instagram for Android Logo
Instagram for Android Logo

We've known that an Android version of the incredibly successful photo-sharing app Instagram was coming soon — company co-founder Kevin Systrom even called it "better than our iPhone app" at SXSW — but we haven't known when. It appears the time is almost nigh, with Instagram unveiling a sign-up page today enticing Android users to be "first in line" for the new app. It's not clear whether this is simply a mailing list, or if some true early access is in the offing, but it's nevertheless exciting news for Android users. Instagram has been able to build a community of over 27 million registered users using only its iOS app, and all eyes will be on the company when it finally comes to Google's omnipresent mobile platform. If you'd like to get in line yourself, you can find the sign-up page here.