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MOG for iPad quietly makes its debut

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MOG has released an iPad app for its music streaming service.

MOG for iPad
MOG for iPad

It would appear that MOG's not the sort of company that lets some sales chatter stop it from shipping products. In addition to the native Windows app the company introduced Friday, it has now released an official iPad app. MOG for iPad contains an identical feature list as the iPhone and iPod Touch version, making us wonder why the company didn't opt for a universal app that would run on all iOS devices, but it's hard to complain when the app itself is free. It puts MOG on even iOS app footing with Rdio, which debuted its iPad app last August, while making Spotify's absence all the more conspicuous: despite its ambitions, Spotify has yet to release an app for Apple's best-selling tablet. MOG users will need a subscription to take advantage of the new app, but if you're already signed up, it's available now.