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Spotify to announce Irish and Australian availability soon?

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It's reported that Spotify will soon launch in Ireland and Australia. Few details are available, but, according to paidContent, the company was in discussions with Irish ISPs to have the service bundled with mobile phone packages. The service is set to be announced in Australia next week.


It looks like two more English-language countries are going to get access to Spotify. According to paidContent, the streaming music service will announce its launch in Ireland soon. The site reports that Spotify was in discussions with ISPs to bundle a premium version of the service with mobile data and home internet packages, much like a Swedish deal with Telia, the country's large mobile operator. That deal sees Telia customers with certain plans getting premium Spotify access on the same bill as their phone service, and any data used to stream music doesn't count towards their data cap. It's not clear if Spotify was able to get a such an agreement in Ireland, however. A marketing director from Eircom — Ireland's largest ISP — told paidContent that no such partnership was in the works.

Australia, too, might be getting access to the streaming service. Gizmodo Australia reports that Spotify has an event scheduled next week to announce its availability down under. Spotify recently spread to Germany, and it now serves Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the US, and the UK. Australia would be the first country other than the US to be offered the service outside of Europe.