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Square relaunches mobile payments app as 'Pay with Square'

Square relaunches mobile payments app as 'Pay with Square'


Square has relaunched its consumer mobile payments app with the clearer "Pay With Square" name and a focus on discovering new stores more easily.

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Mobile payment specialist Square is relaunching its consumer-oriented payment app, swapping the Card Case name to Pay With Square and adding a number of new features. The app works like a combination of Google Local and PayPal, highlighting businesses in your area that use Square and letting you pay from your phone without handing over cash or a credit card. The headline feature is the app's geofencing capabilities — step into one of your favorite stores and it can automatically allow you to add goods to your tab just by telling the clerk your name, all while your phone stays in your pocket.

The interface has seen a massive overhaul too. The wallet-like design is gone in favor of a clean look which puts nearby stores to the fore, helping you to discover places you might otherwise have missed along with promoting Square's clients.

Square engineer manager Will Henderson told Wired that the app is designed to "get the technology to the point where it's invisible." It's also significant that Square seems to be doubling down its efforts on an app that doesn't use its little white Reader. The app's only available to users in the US, and can be downloaded for both Android and iOS now.